Transformation into a leading company in the spinning and weaving industry, working according to the highest levels of international quality, continuing to research and satisfy the renewable needs of customers, providing distinguished products, reaching a prominent position locally and regionally, and expanding horizontally and vertically.


For the company to be a distinguished reference model in terms of the quality and diversity of its yarn products, locally and regionally, and to maintain leadership and originality, and precede the aspirations of its customers in the level of its services, the satisfaction of its shareholders, and the advancement and development of its society.


To be the largest industrial gathering at the local level, with advanced high technology, comprehensive quality, with highly skilled local technical expertise, and for its products to be characterized by diversity and multiplicity of alternatives at competitive prices.

Our Core Values

Miratex has always been keen to adhere to a set of core values ​​that are not limited to the success factors of the company, but also go beyond them to be a continuous source of guidance, as the company:

  • Make every effort to satisfy customers.
  • Excellence in customer service.
  • Generate and provide greater value to our customers by offering customers a range of value-added services.
  • Act with absolute integrity and the highest ethical standards.
  • Work to the strictest quality standards.
  • To do hard work to produce the best and most suitable.

Quality Policy

Quality comes at the top of the company's list of concerns, and therefore the trade policy is based on the following:

  • Satisfying customers and achieving all their requirements and expectations in terms of the required yarn quality level, price and delivery date.
  • Implementation of the company's quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard (ISO 9001 for the year 2008) and its continuous improvement.
Company Purpose

The production and marketing of textile products and ready-made knitted garments and securing the company raw cotton needs. The Company may acquire an interest or participate in any manner in organizations carrying out activities which are similar to the Company’s activities, or which may contribute to the fulfillment of the Company’s objectives in the Arab Republic of Egypt or abroad.