History of the Company

MIRATEX TEXTILE CO. was established by the Economic Cooperation Agreement concluded on 25/5/1974 between the governments of EGYPT and IRAN to secure the necessary investments for the Egyptian economy in the field of industrializing and exporting Egyptian cotton crop .

According to that agreement, both governments undertake to treat joint venture projects the same as their national projects .This project was established in accordance to the Minister of Economy and Economic Cooperation Decree no 206 / 1975 and is considered one of the big projects established within the Egypt’s open door policy .

The town of SUEZ was selected for this project to secure the goals of Egypt for developing the Canal area both socially and economically. The Company conducts its activities through the following factories:

  • Suez Factory, Ataqa Mountain, Governorate of Suez.
  • Minia El Kamh Factory, Governorate of Sharkia.
Production Capacity

The fine count , mill no. ( 2 ), 76688 spindles with an annual capacity of 2750 tons yarn of average count. Ne 60 started production at the end of 1980 with three shifts daily .

The medium count, mill no. (1) 53048 spindles with an annual capacity of 4000 tons yarn of average count Ne 31 started operation with two shifts in 1983 then three shifts gradually during 1985 and with full starting 1986 .

The course count, mill no. (3), 2200 rotors with an annual capacity of 1720 tons yarn of average count Ne 12, started operation during 1981 with three shifts per day .

The medium count , mill no. (6) 12720 spindles with an annual capacity of 1375 tons yarn of average count Ne 30 started operation in October 1994 with three shifts daily.

Menia El Kamh mill 71328 spindles with an annual capacity of 5798 tons yarn average count Ne. 37.8 .